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Win the most popular AFFLICTION t-shirts from!

Win the most popular AFFLICTION  t-shirts from!

The instructions how to win AFFLICTION t-shirts are very simple!

You've got to bring as many friends to as you can. They MUST register in discussion board. During the registration they must enter your nickname as a refferer (you will see the attached image). And that's about IT!

You have 45 days for that and we gonna announce the results in 45 days!

So keep up the good work and win superb AFFLICTION T-SHIRTS FROM 2-BODYBUILDING.COM! team

YOUR FRIENDS MUST ENTER YOUR NICKNAME AS A REFFERER IN ORDER TO GET YOU A POINT. The image bellow shows where it's got to be entered (click on the image to see it full size):

Win the most popular AFFLICTION t-shirts from!

The bigger image of AFFLICTION T-shirts is bellow:

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