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Inteview with IFBB Fitness Pro Sylvia Tremblay

Name: Sylvia Tremblay Height/Weight: 5’3 120 Q. How long have you been training? A. I'm been training for 19 years. I have started in 1991 by doing aerobic classes, I was at that time only doing cardio. It’s in November 1996 that I started lifting weights. Q. What was your body like before you started training? A. I’ve always been petite but I had gained some weight and that is why I decided in 1991 to join a gym. I was not muscular at all. Q. For how long have you been competing? A. I’ve been competing in fitness for a bit more the 13 years. I love it ! Q. How do you keep yourself motivated and on-track through the grueling dieting in the last few weeks? A. I stay focus on my goals by keeping my mind in one direction, performance! I do a lot of visualization. I avoid going out in restaurant wile in preparation for a show and I spend most of my time at the gym. Q. Do you get more attention from the people now that you are in such good shape? A. Well I have to say yes ! People asking a lot of questions on how to get in shape. Q. What is the weirdest piece of advice you have heard in the gym? A. Hey girls! You should not train that hard, you will look like a men ! Q. What is the one key piece of advice you could pass on to our readers? A. Take realistic small goals and reach them one at a time and stay focus ! Q. What is your favorite energy/pre-workout supplement? Protein supplement? A. One scoop of isolate protein with BCAA, and fruits blends together with water and ice. Q. How many days a week do you work out? A. I do 4 to 5 days of weight lifting during off season and go down to 3 days when I get close to my fitness show. I then spend more time on gymnastics and routine. Q: How many exercises per body part do you typically do in a workout? A: 3 to 4 for each body part. Q: How much weight will you normally gain during the off-season? A: 10 pounds Q. What kind of workout program do you follow? A. Fitness training are different then bodybuilding or figure training. Because of all the skills we need to perform I have to go through a training periodisation. Everything is plan in advance so I can get none only in great shape body wise but also in order to achieve the explosive movements that I have to perform in my routine. Then I have to work on flexibility and strength moves like one arm push-up. The training program depends on which stage of the periodisation and how far I am from a show. Q. Do you believe in workout programs like Insanity or P90X? A. I think it can be good for a specific type of person and depending on there goals. Q. What competitions have you participated in and what were the results? A. I did a lot if 13 year so I think it will be easier and faster to have a look here. Sylvia Tremblay: Official Website Q. What do you wish you had known before you started doing shows? A. Well everything ! I explain. I did my first show back in 1997 and it was the first fitness show in Quebec. I only had 6 weeks to get ready and I had no guidance not so ever. I had just strated to weight lifting couple month before, I didn’t know how to pose, I didn’t know which type of suit I needed to wear, I didn’t even know I had to put on tan…lol ! I got to the show white like a ghost ! Q. Looking back on what you have accomplished so far, what is one thing you would change if you could, knowing what you do now? A. I wouldn’t change anything, the last 13 years was a great experience for me and I have no regret. The only thing I would have loved is to have had the chance to start at a younger age. Q. What is one of the biggest sacrifices you've made, and was it worth it? A. Leaving a 4 years relasionship. He couldn’t stand that I was so addicted to my sport; he didn’t believed in my capacity to reach the top and he wanted me to stop competing. I had to make a decision and I left. Today I know I took the right decision. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, believe in you and follow your dreams. Q. What do you feel is the most important thing a bodybuilder/fitness/figure/bikini can have in order to be successful in this sport? A. Determination ! Q. Is it not very hard to exercise and lift on such a low calorie diet? I am talking about the pre-contest diet. I know you follow a very low calorie pre-contest diet. Don't you get hungry? A.Yes I get hungry and the worst part is to work on my routine wile those calories, especiaty when carbs are so low. The energy is low and the power to perform is not there Sometime I feel I will not able to make it through. It can also affect my concentration. Q. For someone who is currently a non-competitor, but wants to be as healthy and fit as possible, what would you recommend as far as diet ratios and workout plan (i.e. combination of weights and cardio, how many days, etc.)? A. It’s hard to tell. First I would say to go meet with a specialist and not trying to do it on your own. People think they can do it and they end up training to much and don’t eat enough. Diet and training regiment can be different from a person to an other, depending on age, level of fitness, the work they do and current activities. I would however say that you must, if you are a novice, start slow with training and add as the time go. Do not train everyday and give your body some rests, you will get best results. As far as dieting. Eat 5 to 6 small meals per day and drink a lot of water. Q. Does your social life include others that are not into fitness or competition? A. Absolutely but I have to admit that my closest friend are all training and most are competing as well. Q. Who is your favorite bodybuilder, fitness model, and/or athlete? A. I had and still have a lot of role models in the sport. Right now my favorites are Adela Garcia and Tanji Johnson. I had the chance to compete and work with them this year and they are great athletes and beautiful people inside out. Q. What is your favorite healthy meal? A. Chicken with broccoli Q. What is your favorite cheat meal? A. Nachos… with a lot of cheese and ice crème ! Q. What is your favorite exercise? A. Walking lunge Q. What is that one body part that you just can’t seem to bring up or make it look like you want? A. My butt, I miss muscle over there !!! Q. What made you get into Fitness and Competition? A. At first I started to train in a gym because I had weight to loose. Then I started to do weight lifting and was approached by a guy at my gym to get into a fitness competition. I was to do that only one show but feel in love with the sport and never stopped. Q. What are your methods for breaking through a plateau? A. I believe that plateaus are the way of the body to tell us that it is tire and that it needs a break. My way to break a plateau is to take a a break of training for at least a full week. Then, when I get back, I’m stronger and my body react positively to my trainings. Q. What are you doing for living? A. I’m doing a lot of stuff ! To start I’m a swimsuit and costume designer for fitness, figure and bikini model and bodybuilding. I’m also working on a new swimsuit line, you can see all my work here tremblay's Design I’m training competitors and teach then how to pose, I do choreography for fitness and bodybuilding. I also train regular people and help them to achieve there goals. Sylvia Tremblay: Official Website/Site Officiel Q. What are your future plans? A. Keep training hard and qualify for the Olympia. It’s my ultimate goal in the competitive field; I really want to get my feet on that stage before I retired. I would also love to help the sport of fitness grow by helping as many girls as possible to get into the sport. Train them and have them reach there goals.

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