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Spot Reduction / Pushing Carbs

My spot is right below the belly button. Where’s yours? For me, the slightest fat gain or fat loss is obvious at that exact spot. It’s like my body-fat Geiger counter. Even when I’m very lean it’s there to an extent — my scarlet letter announcing to everyone at the beach or the pool that […]

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Complexes With Strongman/GPP Equipment

My form of complexes, which I am convinced is the fastest route to body “revamping/recomposition”, is generally done with barbell movements. But it can also be done with other pieces of equipment as long as you understand the movement pattern these equipment target as well as how they can be used (where in the force […]

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Safe and Easy Way to Annihilate Your Lower Back

by John Meadows, CSCS I am a huge fan of reverse hypers for spinal erector development. But what if you don’t have one? Here are two other lower back exercises that are very safe (and quite rehabilitative), that are part of my program. Both use bands, and the hypers in particular will give you a […]

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The Simplest Way to Build a Big Chest

It’s simpler than you think. If there’s one universal truth among guys, it’s this: they like a big chest. Now, that statement certainly has a double meaning. But I’m talking about their own chest, not the big chests they see bulging out of a bikini tops on Miami beach. (The strategy for getting that is […]

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What Is The Ideal Training Cycle Length?

Pierre Roy, one of the smartest man in strength training, said that a training phase should be… “Long enough to provoke the desired physical transformations by generating a stress that will lead to adaptation.” “But short enough to avoid habituation to the training means as well a psychological boredom (which negatively impact the quality of […]

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