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Spot Reduction / Pushing Carbs

My spot is right below the belly button. Where's yours? For me, the slightest fat gain or fat loss is obvious at that exact spot. It's like my body-fat Geiger counter. Even when I'm very lean it's there to an extent -- my scarlet letter announcing to everyone at the beach or the pool that I used to be Mr. Fatty McFatpants. In the past, the only way I could keep "the spot" under control was with very low-carb dieting. I even had to be careful with clean carb sources like rice, oatmeal, and the carbier peri-workout supplements. And traditional "bulking" diets? Out of the question, unless I wanted to be harpooned by Japanese whaling ships. Well, I'm pleased to report that since I've been using Indigo-3G I can increase my carb intake AND watch that trouble spot get smaller and tighter. Nice.

My message here is for those like me, the former fat boy or girl who has lost the excess tubbage but who's still skeered of carbohydrates. If I can increase carbs and see my body composition begin to shift in a positive direction, then you can too.
I like this progression model for the Indigo-3G user who's nervous about boosting carb intake:
Step #1: Increase carbs during the time before, during, and after your weight training sessions. (What we call peri-workout.) Especially before. Your goal is at least 100 grams. For me, currently, that's a FINiBAR before and two scoops of Surge Workout Fuel during lifting.
Step #2: Monitor your results, then add carbs during other feedings during the day. My first step was simply adding oatmeal to breakfast.
Step #3: Push carb intake. Ramp it up more. See how far you can take it while taking Indigo-3G. (Keep it clean however: rice, Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, etc.) Analyze your results weekly and adjust as needed.
It'll be okay, fellow carbo-phobes, I promise. In fact, this week I'm pushing carb intake up even higher. After tripling carbs, I've lost 3-4 pounds of body fat! (Simply unheard of for the FFB without using Indigo-3G). And the wifey says she can spot me from across the gym because of my new shoulder development. Time to ramp carbs even more! By Chris Shugart Chris Shugart has been a Testosterone editor and fitness journalist for over twelve years and is the author of the V-Diet. Chris has appeared on HBO's Real Sports and has been featured in dozens of radio and TV interviews. Source: T-Nation

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