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Interview with Amazing Figure Competitor/Fitness Model Andrea Holliday

Q. How long have you been training? A. I've been training since I was 15 years old. I started in a tiny gym where I lived at the time. I trained with two older bodybuilders and after seeing how well my body responded, well…I was hooked!  Q. What made you get into Fitness and Competition? A. A girl I knew from the gym was a competitor and encouraged me to get into the sport. She asked me if I had ever competed and I said no, but that I had thought about it. I didn’t know much about the sport, other than what I saw in the bodybuilding magazines. I had always wanted to look the way those girls did, so I decided to give competing a shot. Q. How many people have you encouraged into the sport since you started? A. Probably a hand full. If I see someone that’s passionate about fitness or has the potential to do well in the sport, then I definitely talk with them about competing. You never know how your encouragement could influence and open doors for them. Q. What was your body like before you started training? A. I was always pretty athletic. I was a ballerina for 10 years until the age of 18, so staying pretty lean was a must! Q. How do you keep yourself motivated and on-track through the grueling dieting in the last few weeks? A. Staying focused on the goal is what keeps me on track. It’s easy to get frustrated and the stress can be overwhelming at times. You just have to remember why you’re doing all this to begin with. Usually I will avoid the crowded gyms during this time, so my training is on point and there’s nothing to distract me. Q. How do you handle the stress of it all? A. I think I handle it pretty well now. I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning and had some really nice people to help me and give me advice along the way. Now, I lean on my support system…which includes my husband, my trainer (Mike Davies) and my awesome friends in the fitness industry! Q. Do you get more attention from the people now that you are in such good shape? A. Of course! But I try and use the attention in a positive way. People see you as being this fitness icon and usually have a lot of questions…so I’m eager to help them with their fitness goals as much as I can. Q. What do you feel is the most important thing athlete can have in order to be successful in this sport? A. First and foremost is the drive and determination! You have to be able to stay with the program through the hunger, pain, blood and sweat if you want to succeed. Second is the genetics. You can have awesome genetics, but you won’t reach your full potential unless your mind is in the right place! Q. How many days a week do you work out? A. Usually 6 during season and then at least 5 during off-season. Q. How much weight will you normally gain during the off-season? A. Typically no more than 15 pounds. It’s much harder to get it off than it is to put it on! Q. What competitions have you participated in and what were the results? A. 2008 Clash at the Capstone- 2nd Place 2008 NPC Alabama State Championships – 1st Place 2009 Nationals – 4th Place 2010 North American – 3rd Place 2011 REST!!! 2012 ??? Q. Looking back on what you have accomplished so far, what is one thing you would change if you could, knowing what you do now? A. I wouldn't change a thing! I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be at the moment and I’m totally at peace with it. Q. What do you feel is the most important thing a bodybuilder/fitness/figure/bikini can have in order to be successful in this sport? A. A genuine heart!!! Be real in who you are as a competitor and be kind…!!! And have patience…everything will happen and fall into place as it’s meant to.  Q. Does your social life include others that are not into fitness or competition? A. Of course! Some of my closest friends are not in the industry. It’s nice to have a “balance” of friendships! Q. Who is your favorite bodybuilder, fitness model, and/or athlete? A. My favorite male bodybuilder is Shawn Ray and favorite fitness model is Jamie Eason! My favorite figure competitor is Monica Brant. Q. What is your favorite healthy meal? A. Oatmeal! And the more cinnamon the better!!! Q. Favorite guilty indulgence? A. Pepperoni pizza and a Reece Cup blizzard!!! Or just anything sweet in general! Q. What is your favorite exercise? A. Lunges Q. What is that one body part that you just can’t seem to bring up or make it look like you want? A. My calves Q. What is the best asset of your physique/body? A. Legs Q. What are your future plans? A. I hope to earn my Pro Card this year. I’ve been so close in the past and that’s been my goal from the very beginning. I’m also focusing on my fitness modeling and working towards being published in more magazines this year! Facebook: Website:

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