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Fad Diets - What is it?

  Fad diet is one type of diet that promotes quick weight loss by following a specific set of guidelines. Most people have seen one of the many infomercials that promote fad diets. These infomercials are known for attracting people who want to lose weight quickly. From these infomercials, some will probably seem very alluring but the good news is that most of us know that most of what goes into these infomercials is publicity not honesty. Although fad diets are excellent diet for promoting weight loss but you need to realize that there will always be some bad that gets balancing with the good. As per the claim of most fad diet, an individual can lose weight without having to exercise, simply by following the diet’s plan of eating. Physicians believe that most fad diets are unhealthy and an attention-grabber. Fad Diet: Generally, any diet which consists of one or more of the following characteristics is considered a fad diet:

  • Easy to follow
  • Quick weight loss
  • Eat whatever you want
  • Actors portraying doctors or other medical experts
  • No exercise required
  • Great amount of weight loss guaranteed
  • Expensive products and/or seminars required
  • Uses before and after photos as primary marketing tool
  • Extremely limit food choices or entire food groups
In summary, if the advertisements, including testimonials, sound like the magic respond to your weight issues, the diet is a fad. Pros and cons of Fad Diet: A fad diet is especially designed to help people who are trying to lose weight. Very persuasive people like actors and models or other people promote these fad diets as they spend a lot of time in the public eye. By following a fad diet, a lot of people have truly noticed weight loss and some of them have even managed to do so in a very short time period. Mainly, fad diets work by restricting calories and weight loss takes place when calories are limited. Actually, some of the fad diets being peddled are very healthy diets. A very healthy fad diet includes a raw food diet and so as a one of the healthiest fad diets that you could ever follow it. You will enhance your health exponentially by ridding your diet of all cooked and processed foods. Be ready after spending some time following this diet to feel amazed at how healthy you feel. Most of the fad diets being promoted are unluckily not diets that you could pursue for a long period of time, allow alone for the rest of your life. The fact is that most fad diets are responsible for temporary weight loss and as soon as you cheat on the fad diet even a little bit, you will gain back every ounce that you lost. Some fairly fad diets are extremely unhealthy and dangerous for health to follow. These diets will surely help you to lose weight quickly but they could also permanently damage your health. Fad diets have so many disadvantages. First, it is unsafe as rapid weight loss due to the extreme food restrictions. Any diet that claims more than 2 pounds of loss a week should be avoided because of potential health risks from the loss of muscle mass and lean tissue. Secondly, these diets do not supply the nutrition required for proper body functions as they restrict calories to less than 1200 calories or they remove entire food groups. These diets actually infringe the primary advice of good nutrition: consume a variety of food to attain a healthy, balanced food intake. To support optimum health, long-term weight maintenance is vital. These plans do not supply the tools required for behavior changes to take place. Additionally, when weight is gained back, it is frequently more than the amount at first lost. Also, calcium loss takes place because of high protein diets, leading to osteoporosis. High fat diets have been suggested to cause heart disease. At last, when the metabolism rate is increased in the ketosis form as with low carbohydrate diets, kidney damage can also take place.

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