It’s so easy to train your abs wrong. Because there is so much wrong information about how to get that six pack. You know yourself there is millions of videos out there sowing how to train abs. There is thousands of books written just about that magic solution how to get amazing six pack. But is there really is something magic about all of that information? Well not going to lie, some information is good, and legit. But most of it is really misleading.

Most of the people who just started going to the gym are very confused on what they need to do, or how they need to do it. And the worst part they do not ask for help. They just think that by buying books or videos they can accomplish exactly what they want. But after few weeks they understand that it doesn’t work, and they actually quitting everything because they stop believing that they can achieve anything, not even talking about that six pack.

So let’s start from very beginning.

First and foremost I will be very blunt with you here. Forget about all those videos and books. But look down at your plate and let me know if you see there anything wrong? Yes your food. It’s not about anything but your food. How you eat equals how you look, or how you going to look.

And other part is your ab training. That’s just whole another story what comes to that. And most amazing part, ladies training them much more then guys. And how they training abs it’s just out of this world. I always ask myself, who was the person who told them to do that? And why? Because I know ladies want to have that amazing flat stomach and small six pack, but seeing how they train them, in the gym, in the videos ladies posting online, definitely not going to make your abs and your waist line smaller, but wider, which is equals bigger.

Ok so you want bigger butt, well train heavy and often. You want nicer arms do the same. But what comes to abs SAME does not apply.

Simple thing, if you train your abs heavy, high volume, and often, you will make your waist line bigger. And that’s a fact.

So what you should do to have that flat stomach? Well don’t do those mistakes.

First and most foremost. Do not use weight to train your abs. Remember if you use weight you applying resistance to muscle, and that will lead to muscle growth. Yes abs are muscle and they will grow, you like it or not.

Packing extra muscle will not burn your fat, just because you think it should. Few things needs to be applied to it. And most important one, is your food. So think this way. You not changing your eating habits, but just started using weights for your abs. What do you think it’s going to happen? Well very simple. You have that layer of fat (sorry you like it or not) and now you starting training your abs with weights, so your muscle will grow, and your waist automatically will look even bigger. I know you not liking what you are reading. Now you going to ask me why is that. Well very simple, muscle underneath your fat will push that fat out further, and that way will make your waist bigger.

Always remember where you want to build your muscle. And bragging that you abs are sore might not be as good thing as you think it is. Again it’s not exercises what makes your abs show, it’s actually a diet.

Another thing is, training abs often, and as often as every day. Yes you know, you are one of them. You are training your abs every single day, you are getting leaner, but your waist line it’s just not getting any smaller. Still need head up why is that? Well ok, if you ask me I will explain.

Again I will return to just what I wrote. YOU ARE BUILDING MUSCLE. And no I am not screaming, I am making sure you can see what I wrote. You are building muscle in the area where you need not to. But who knew better? That’s really not on you. You just doing something what you were reading or watching, or someone told you to do. And because you so badly want to have that flat stomach and that six pack, you going to do everything in your power to achieve that. And props to you.

So don’t train your abs every day, or every session. Train then only few times per week. But again. what you need to concentrate on is your meal plan. Your abs work all the time. Whatever you do, your abs always working. For example: you do squats, you do deadlifts, you do push ups or pull ups, or carrying dumbbells or whatever case might be, your abs always work. So why in the world you would like to do even more exercises for your abs?

Now we came to my favourite part of mid-section. Which is OBLIQUES.

Where should I start here?

Lest get to know what obliques are. It’s a muscle runs down on both sides of your midsection. And the area that most women train without really understanding what damage they really do to they physique, are obliques.

Most common exercises I see ladies do to make they midsection smaller (sarcasm):

  1. Standing side bends with weights in they hand
  2. Side bends on the hyperextension machine
  3. Seated side to side turn with weighted ball

Again I will be very blunt here. Ladies you not making your waist line smaller, but bigger, or I should say wider. Always think this way: RESISTANCE EQUALS MUSCLE GROWTH.

Think this way, I want my shoulders to be wider, and my butt bigger, but my waist line none existent. So it means you don’t want to apply any resistance to the area you don’t want your muscle grow. Very and very simple. You really don’t want your so called love handles to be even bigger. This is why you going to the gym in the first place.

So to get to the point HOW TO GET THOSE DARN ABS?

This is what I always say, know how you want to look. What is your vision of your body?

Understand why you doing those exercises and for what body part. Remember abs are not your shoulders or butt or back or arms. They called abs. So do this.

Adjust your diet first and foremost. I know I am repeating myself here again and again, but you must to understand that abs have nothing to do with how you train, but how you eat.

Never do side beds of any kind. Remember your abs work all the time. And yes even when you run. So train your other body parts the way you want, but your abs only 2-3 times per week. Few exercises and 15- 30 reps, depending on exercise.

Knowing how your body works it’s very important. But knowing what to eat it’s much more important than anything else. You might not have those abs like a bikini girl any time soon, but you can have that flat stomach you dreamed about with just very simple adjustment to what you going to eat. And that is all you need to do. Everything we do in life always comes down to our eating habits. We are too fat, we are too skinny, and we are something just because of food.

Again remember, no weighted ab training or side bends are needed to have abs.

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