Supplements For Building Muscle. The basics.

As part of any bodybuilding program, balance is the key. Some believe the weightlifting aspect of the program is the most important. On the other hand, others adhere to the belief that the supplements used are key. Actually neither is more important than the other. They both should be essential components of any bodybuilding program. […]

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Cortison Control

by: Michael Gundill Cortisol is considered the enemy of lean muscle mass. The popular theory states that the less cortisol your body produces the better. In fact, chemically assisted bodybuilders lead the way in the battle against cortisol, and many don’t hesitate to use dangerous drugs in an attempt to inhibit their natural secretion of […]

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Supplement Savvy

by: Tom Venuto Is there such a thing as a natural “energy booster” that really peps you up? Do the so-called fat-burners” actually work? Will protein powders help you build more muscle? Are there legal “steroid replacements” that mimic the effects of powerful anabolic drugs without the side effects? These questions have bewildered millions of […]

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