When I started in this sport, I didn’t have the internet and all information with all this glory about the bodybuilding and lifting. What I had is a photo of Arnold from Russian magazine and a clear photo that I will be like him in just few weeks.

Ok that didn’t happen. But none less, I didn’t have a gym or proper weights or anything to start a real lifting and building great body. I just had a rope a few bricks and shit load of dust. Well and a pulley to use for unknown exercise I have seen in the picture.

Now days, internet everywhere, everybody knows everything, and dressing to match they knowledge I guess.

In my times there was nobody to tell me who was natural or who was not, but what it was its hardcore lifting and less talking. This is how actually I remember walking to a real gym where all of the best bodybuilders in my country were training. It was really no talk just heavy ass lifting. And if you nobody you respected them and never be in they way. They was called it GYM ETIQUETTE. But that is not so much now days.

But I can tell you one thing, I will never be sad or sorry for not having a proper trainer who could show me the ropes, or not having proper nutrition giddiness to build a body I wanted from the start. It was a hard path where I learned myself by listening to some crazy guys, and questioning everything they do. WHY IS THAT? WHY NOT TO TRY THIS WAY? Trust me it could have been much worse. But I was very lucky and wanted to learn more about bodybuilding, including proper body structure, how muscles work, how to make body respond better, what foods to eat, what not, and so on and so forth.

I was just 15 years old. But right then I knew that I wanted to be a bodybuilder. And rest was a history.

But now days. EVERYTHING CHANGED. And I mean everything. There is no respect for anything. And no respect for anybody. Now days every second is a fitness guru, fitness model, public figure and what not. Even they have no idea what they are doing. But they know that there is YOUTUBE and there are videos of pros training, and some girl doing God knows what, and other skinny guy showing how big he is. And they think if they do this and if it works for guys and girls in the videos, well its going to work for me too. Oh how far from truth you can get. And there is our precious internet search. Where you can search about anything. And that anything becomes search about STEROIDS. And there is where all the crap hits the fan.

But today I will try to share some wisdom with you. And this goes to those who just starting going to the gym, but do misunderstand me, those who lift already can learn from it as well.

So lets start this short article of what you need to expect or I should know when entering this amazing sport (which really is amazing)


Well let me be honest with you here. The routine doesn’t exist. I know you not liking it what you reading but here is why.

You have been searching all nights and days now, what routine you should use. Which pro you want to look like. Then you watch YOUTUBE and watching your favorite pros doing this routine and that routine. And they telling, how they day goes, and what they eat. But here is the thing, DO YOU REALLY THINK ITS GOING TO WORK FOR YOU?

What you need to understand that that special routine is comes with time. And nobody can tell you how your body will react to certain training or food, until you try yourself. And that could take time. Why do you think top bodybuilders hitting they strive when they 30 or mid 30 or older?

The answer is, because it takes very long time to learn how your body will respond to what you applying to it. Every time you change something, it will react to it, but then it will stop to respond. And that’s ongoing thing.

But now days (yes I repeat that saying over and over) just because somebody is better seller on the internet, its very easy to get you hooked on things like: this ROUTINE WILL MAKE YOU HUGE, AND IT WORKS 100%, or this or that. But hold on if it didn’t worked? Then: now THIS ROUTINE REALLY GOING TO WORK. And then… BUT THE NEXT ONE… well you get the point.

Everybody believes that there is that miracle ROUTINE, but there the truth is THERE IS NONE OF THE PERFECT ROUTINES.

Get somebody who understands how everything works. To build a nice flowing body it takes knowledge of how muscles work. How to combine exercises to actually make each muscle work and benefit from each other. You need to start learning about the body. Knowing that each muscle has separate heads you need to train separately. YES ITS POSSIBLE.


Ok we all know this saying, and actually I know few people who said it those words, that: SQUATS MAKE YOUR WHOLE BODY GROW AND YOU NEED TO ADD SQUATS IN EVERY ROUTINE.

The scary part is, I have seen it in the gym myself, first hand, that girls and guys actually do this. And beside that they add dead lifts to it as well. And I was FREAKING shocked to say the least. I mean where is your working brain. Well at least to some extend. This is what those exercises do.

Squats build: quads, hips, to some extend back
Dead lifts build: hamstring, lower back, hips

Neither squats or deadlift are and arm, or upper back, or chest exercise. So if I will go and ask you, how to get my chest bigger, or back wider, or arms bigger, you actually going to tell me that I need to go and do some squats or partial dead lifts?

If you want to work your arms and make them bigger, you need to attack them directly. Remember chin-ups bench press or squatting everyday will not do a thing to your arms. Do not listen to imbeciles who have no idea why they are building, and why they are doing what they doing.

But be the one who listens to proper trainer and hit your arms with 15-20 sets for biceps and triceps. And hit as hard as you can so you can’t wash your face after the workout. Trust me they will grow. But again, do not see this as you need to train your arms every day now. No this is not the case.


Exercises alone DO NOT get you strong. But getting good at them what makes all the difference. Anyone can do a bench press, and you know you can do it too. But not the exercise what will make you strong. But the improvement that produces results. Simple as that.

What you need to learn, its CONSISTENCY, and well that comes with this PATIENCE. Remember basics what makes you good. There will always going to be a chest press, shoulder press, pull up, and squat. That’s the basic what will be there till the end.

Now, you going to ask me how you get strong?

By building bigger muscles
By increasing the strength of the connective tissue
By developing a strong nervous system capable of triggering high intensity workouts
By forging thicker muscles

And yes there few more, but this is something to start with. Strength training always results in growth or at least muscle thickening.


Can I ask you, what have you learned from YOUTUBE? I bet you, you want to be as big as that big ass pro, you trying to copy workout from his videos. Or you are watching those half ass naked photos, which so called PUBLIC FIGURES or FITNESS MODELS posting online, and write some crazy comment and asking you to try it.

Sounds familiar? Or should I add more examples.

I call all this poison. Fitness industry is like a junkyard. YES YOU CAN FIND GOOD STUFF ONECE IN THE BLUE MOON. But how do you know who is good or not? Do you really have to know all that nonsense? Do you need to see photo-shopped bodies on social media? Does it really makes you that smart? Or it really makes say I WANT TO BE LIKE THEM?

What it really does, makes you more confused, angry that you cant get the way they are (wonder why). You starting overthinking and over doing it with everything. It does create confusion, envy, and really unrealistic expectation. That what YOUTUBE and fake social media really does to you.


Let me put here something what is not out of the gym. Something what we actually can have in normal life. And can relate to everybody. But it will clearly shows what I want to say, and it will make all the sense later one.

Ok so let’s say you just bought a new car. Feeling is amazing. It is something what you worked for. Something what you dreamed all this time, and now its in your possession. You sitting in it, you driving it, you smelling it. But…Yes its always but, one day you sat in your car and you forgot how this car smelled. And now you see the new model next to you. Now you want that new model.

And that is perfectly normal.

Same goes with the gym stuff. How many times you said, I am going to bench this and I will be happy. REALLY? Ok I will bench this and really going to be happy. Again REALLY? This is never ending. You might be happy for next day or two, and then you are back in the gym and what you want to do is to lift that extra kilo or pound. This is our nature, some call it life’s laws. But don’t you worry, you will get used to it. It took me about 20 years to understand PR means nothing in bodybuilding. Maybe just adding more to injuries laws.


This is a magic word. Depression. And it’s very powerful. And trust me when I say, everyone has those moments. Everyone gets depressed, or was, at some point.

What you really do when you get this way? Watch TV series to the end. Read some motivational quotes on Facebook or Instagram, sit at home by yourself?

I bet you wonder why I am putting this here?

Well lifting is the best antidepressant there is. When depression starting acting up, exhaustion is one of the ways to reacquire a more balanced mindset. You will think much clearly and more positively after a hard workout. And that benefit people do not utilize at all, and most likely don’t know about it. Use it to your advantage. Go to the gym and kill the demons. Trust me that will feel so good.


Day will come when your natural state will not cut anymore. And you will understand finally that naturally you can go only as fat as your genetics let you. You might be bigger then most of the normal people. But you never be near to the body you would love to have or one of your idols has.

You can lie to yourself all this time and for as long as you want. But I promise you will hit the real wall. And what happens then?

Yes you will see the truth sooner or later. You will get the point what is natural and what is not. Don’t over think and don’t worry what others do. You need to know what you want, and where you want to be. There is no reason for you overstep the line where you will never be able to come back from.

Reach out to people who know they stuff, and by the time you hit the wall, trust me you should know who is who and who knows what. But do NOT turn for information to YOUTUBE or INTERNET TROLLS, who have no idea about anything. And living unhealthiest lifestyles. Learn from real people.


You need to understand what BULKING really means. It seems that now days everybody saying I AM BULKING NOW, and you see really overweight guy or girl, stuffing they face like its no tomorrow.

Remember EXTRA CALORIES ARE STORED AS FAT. And it doesn’t matter where are those calories coming from. Could be grass fed beef or chips or cookies. When your calories are in surplus it really goes apposite way.

Even if you eat all the protein in the world, your protein synthesis in your body will NOT CHANGE. Food is just food. Simple is that.

But what I hate the most, that so called experts actually ADVICE just starting athletes to bulk up. And you will start hearing things like: OH THIS IS JUST A WATER. Really? How much water did you have, a lake? Or: JUST FEW KILOS TO DROP AND I WILL HAVE ABS. Right maybe if you drop 10-15 kg you might see your abs. And still only MAYBE.

Do yourself a favor. Work with somebody who understands the meaning of bulking. And how it’s done properly.


Trust me when I say, everybody wants fresh blood. Those like gurus, supplement companies and media to mention few. You have seen how supplement companies have thousands of sponsored athletes. REALLY? Do you think those kids are sponsored? Or they have discount codes posted on they walls and that’s pretty much it? Do you think somebody will spend money on you now days? Ok let’s get real, they will know. The easy way to spread word about supplement companies is to give discount to kids they will get lets say 20-30% off the selling price, and will post on the walls 10% discount codes and that’s about it. You are not a pro. If you have million followers but only 100 liked your post most likely you paid for your followers.

Let me tell you this. This year I actually did a very big experiment. With the media and supplement companies. I researched a lot of top so called INFLUENCERS and really asked myself, how this person can have 50K or 100K or 1M of followers but they post are liked only 100 or less times. Then I got few messages from the companies who actually wanted to promote my Instagram and Facebook. But what I needed to do is pay very small fee for whatever amount of followers I wanted to get, or which post to like. It was so funny. So that’s how it works. So I bought 4K of followers, and was laughing, when my account went from 4K to 8K in just 10 minutes. Then I went to see who were fallowing me. Well that was no surprise, it was kids from Middle East or India. Or whatever other countries they were from. But it was all fake well not real. So I did manual un-follow, yes all 4K. That was no fun.

Then last year I reached out to over 100 supplement companies for sponsorship. I said who I was, what I do and what I am looking for. But guess what? Discount codes were offered and that was about it. So real sponsorship where you get supplements for free really happens only to a very high quality athlete. You really need to be somebody to get something like this. Or get paid.

So when gurus promising you sun and the sky really think twice. They will not get you famous, they will not get you rich. Especially when you just starting. And especially when you are natural. What they want is your money. That’s all is to it.

What you need to do, is find the person who trains others, have something to show for. Knows his stuff. Reach out, to real guys. Not the guy who just did a show and now he is a prep coach. No guys reach out to those who been in the business for a long time. Experience what makes all the difference. And not paying for one prep coach and think you lear it all. Yes this is how it works.

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