Consume Biggest Meal Early In The Day

You trying to lose weight right? So do this. Consume the biggest meals early in the day. The fact is those who eat they biggest meals with biggest calories at the start of the day, and finishing day with smaller meals, lose more weight. I always suggest that your first meals would be the biggest ones. You don’t want to stuff yourself at the end of the day. Because your activity is not as intense as it was at the beginning of the day. You already home, you watching TV, or reading or working on the computer. Whatever case might be, you are not moving as much. So to have big caloric meal would be not as beneficial for you at that point.

Make Your Own Healthy Juices

We all love coke or any other sugary drink, which will spike our sugars and make our butts wiggle. But instead I would suggest you this. Make healthy drink yourself. For example: 1 apple, half of small beet, half or quarter of lemon (peal the skin), and two carrots. For your homework, look it up the nutrition values of all those products and you will see how beneficial this drink will be for you. And actually taste amazing.

Make Your Own Food

I know we all love social life especially with friends. But I will put it this way. If you make your own food and bring it to lunch with your friends, you will know exactly what you eating and how many calories you consumed. And actually to make things a bit more solid for you, there was actually a study done with people who did brought they lunch with them to friendly meetings with friends and those who didn’t. And those who brought food with them lost more weight than those who ordered at the place they were eating. Simple truth but it does wonders to how you going to look and you feel. Your friends might laugh at you, but who is going to have last laugh when you going to look good, and your friends will be looking the same.

Coffee Before Gym

I will be first to say that coffee will kick start your workout. Especially if you already tired. You know how easy it is to say no when it’s time to go to gym. You had stressful day, and the next thing you want to do it’s to go home and watch TV. You will do extra work tomorrow right? Not so fast sport. What I am going to say you already know, because you already did it, and not one time. Once you put that small seed in your hear, that you want to rest instead going to gym, next time it will be much easier to do it again. And instead one day becomes, two days, than a week. Well you see where I am going with this. And for some people it becomes years. Been there myself. So get that cup of coffee and drink it before the gym. It will help you to kick start workout, and you will be able to concentrate and energy to go through the workout. And in the end by going to the gym you will release all the stress you had from the work day.

Make Friday Special Friday

Ok so you waited all week for Friday, you had planted to meet your friends, have few drinks, some really bad food. Oh boy does that sounds good. And who cares about gym, when drinks and food on your mind with your friends. But hold on. Where are your goals? What if I would suggest you simple solution to have as much fun as you would normally would have, just a bit healthier way. Do this. When Friday comes, go to the gym do your workout. You will ask me why? Well this is very simple. When you to the gym, you making your body burn calories. So if you going out, even if you going to pig out at least most of the calories will be taken care of, and the damage will not be as bad as it would normally would be. Simple and effective.

Listen To Your Body

If I ask you, do you know someone who always wearing heart monitor across the chest or smart watch which will tell you all about you. Hold on really? Does it cook too? Ok jokes aside. I bet you even know the gym who uses all those things as selling point, or telling you that you need to have them to know where you are health wise. But is that really necessary? What about actually listen to your own body? Your body will tell you exactly how you feel. The funny part is, back 20-30 years ago, we didn’t had any of those magic thingies, and we had healthier people. Now we have all those gadgets and our health not that great. So my advice here, learn to listen to your own body.

Choose Music To Make You Move

This is a very simple but effective method to get you going. Good music make you move doesn’t it? Think about it, every time you hear good tune you starting tapping your foot or actually if you at home make you shake that booty. So make a play list of music you like and take it with you to the gym. Good rhythm will make you move.

Choose Your Toppings

We all love good burger. But why not to make it actually a good one yourself? We talking good fat here. Why not to ditch bad cheese and bacon and instead of that add few slices of avocado. You will cut your bad fats and instead you will add good fats and it will be as tasty as normal burger, just much better for you. Remember calories are not the same. And this is just example, you can apply this to many dishes.

Healthy Chips Or Are There Any

Ok here is the deal. You know as well as I do, once you open that bag of chips it’s very hard to stop eating them. Next thing you know, you hit the bottom of the bag, and then it’s too late. Next thing you know you downed it hundreds of calories, fats and what not. But what about this. We all love salsa and if we would add chili peppers into salsa, it could help to speed up your metabolism. You know heating things up always helps. And instead chips we would have veggies. And oh it would be as good, and crunchy and healthy at the same time. Simple things make things even simpler. But healthy.

Pick The Right Drink

I will not forger to mention that alcoholic drinks could add thousands of calories. Yes they do and in the big way. Some drinks can ramp up over up to 500 calories. Not that good, not that good at all. But as you know we can down few of them and still ask for more. But this is what I would suggest for you, if you going for a drink. Be smart. Why not to have a simple Vodka or Bacardi with diet drink. Yes you would have calories there one way or another, but at least not as many as some sweet ass drink like margarita or long island. Like I say to many of my clients, choose your poison. But be smart about it, make sure that poison doesn’t have million calories.

Those Amazing Cold Drinks On The Hot Day

Here I come. And yes I love those drinks as well. But it’s been a long time when I actually had one made the way they actually made at coffee places. Think about it, you ordered your iced coffee. You add your chocolate, your syrup and this and that, plus milk on top of it. Do you think they all diet? If they are let me know I will go there too. But we all know the truth, they will use full sugar full fat products to get you hooked on those drinks. If you want to cut on calories, ask for almond milk, and use sweetener, now automatically you saved bunch of calories. Learn to make right choices.

Drink Water

By drinking water before each meal, helps you to consume fewer calories. And it’s not something I came up just right now. Its true, and it’s been here for a longest time. But not too many use it as a tool to make your belly fuller before you even start eating. And when you stay hydrated you feel better. Your body will not hold as much water as normally would, when you not drinking water. And helps when you working out.

Gym Is Not For Resting

Most of people who are going to the gym, take they time. They do one set, then five minutes later another one. And next thing you know few hours past and they feel like they did nothing in the gym and they feel more tired. Rest less, and do more. Why? Here is the benefits. By resting less you do more, you do it faster, so that means you burning more calories. Good workout is like a strength training with cardio. This is why all my clients actually breezing through they workouts and accomplishing more in shorter period of time.

Get Some Needed Rest

Being restless never a good thing. More tired you are, bigger possibility for you to grab some bad food. Cravings become stronger when you have little sleep, and you are tired. That’s a known fact. But still most of the people do not know about that. I always ask my clients how they feel. Are they getting enough sleep? And I bet by now you realizing how true that is. You just remembered when you were eating pizza or burger, or bag of chips, or ice cream just few days ago, because you were so tired and wanted replenish that energy you were missing. But you didn’t know why you had such cravings. Well now you know. Any stressful situation at work, or business, where you need to spend hour upon hours up, to make sure that you finished project in time. But we do not realize that by resting more, we actually accomplish more. Concentrate better, work harder. And we don’t have those cravings either. So get rest before anything to kick those bad cravings out of your sight, and do more at work.

Have A Training Partner

If you just starting fitness enthusiast, find a like-minded friend who has similar needs or already going to the gym. If you have a training partner, you will work harder, faster, longer. And I am not talking actually about the gym only, maybe going for a walk, jog or cycling. Any activity with friend would make it so much easier for you and goals you are trying to reach.

Add Extra Activity

Now this is will sound like I am trying to push you to live in the gym or something like that, but not at all. What I am trying to suggest is: don’t use elevator use the stairs, don’t sit at work all the time, stand as much as you can, trust me it works, if you live near the store you are shopping at, go for a walk to do your shopping, don’t drive. Things like this will add up very fast to total calories burned through the day. Choices are very simple. But it’s up to you and only you, to implement those choices into your daily routines.

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