I will be right to if i would say that most of us know the biggest moves to get strong. Which is bench press, squats and deadlifts. But it doesn’t matter how many times i asked people about those moves, chest press always was first on the list and squats and deadlift always switch the places. So lets talk about bench press.

Guide To A Better Bench Press

I will rite few pointers here for a better bench press and stronger and bigger chest.

  • Find right grip width
  • Arch your back
  • Tuck your elbows
  • Try to go for your nipples
  • Do not lock at the top

It doesn’t matter what you going to say, but the fact remains if you want to lift big and lift long, you need to lift smart. And that what i teach everybody from day one.

  1. When we talk about the grip, we will get the same answer from each person. This grip doesn’t work for me, but this grip makes all the difference. What that means for the most part? Here is what you need to look for, and learn. Balanced grip! Yes thats what you need to lear. And here is why. Largely grip its just a matter of preference right. But this is the secret, balanced grip will take tension from your shoulders and triceps. And this is what i mean by it. When grip is too wide, it puts excessive amount of stress on your shoulders. When grip is too narrow it really going to kill your elbows. The unfortunate part is, your balanced grip might not be good for someone else. So the only thing left to do is experiment and try to find the perfect balanced grip for yourself.
  2. This is actually a fun part. Actually i am saying here, arch your back. And you just have seen a video on the internet guy or girl actually arching they back and doing bench press, and you were thinking WHAT AN IDIOTS. But are they really? Well ok not every back arching is equal. But you get the point. Now if you really want to get the most of the bench press you MUST TO ARCH YOUR BACK. Why? So you can shift tension toward the upper part of your back and your traps, then you want to contract your scapula as if you are trying to make your shoulder blades touch each other. This is very important for your strength and safety while benching. But if you just lay flat on the bench while benching, your arms and shoulders will do most of the work. And your chest will become secondary muscle group you are working, plus your shoulders really not going to be your best friends.
  3. Ok so lets say you already find that perfect grip and now you arching your back, and you think all is great and peachy. Let here is a few more tips to consider. And one of them is TUCKING YOUR ELBOWS. Yes sounds funny when we talk about tucking, but that means learning to get the weight down correctly. You see, our bodies have tendencies to move naturally. And that makes things sometimes a bit complicated. And one of those tendencies is stick your elbows out. Which if thats the case you really going to hurt your shoulders. And another natural tendency is keep your elbows in. Which means if you keep your elbows tucked in, your are involving lats and your are working your pecs much more. Keeping your elbows in lets you for a more powerfull drive, and its much safer. Remember: YOU ALWAYS WANT TO RECRUIT THE BIGEST AND STRONGEST JOINTS AND MUSCLES, SO YOU COULD SAFELY MOVE THE MOST WEIGHTS.
  4. There is many ways to position your bar on the way down. We can go for a neck, upper chest, mid chest, and lower chest. And there are many reasons for that. But now we talking about correct way for those who wants to learn proper way of benching. Lets forget about everything else. And learn the right way. And dear God is there a lot articles about doing bench press this way or that way. And it seems its always something new will come up next Monday. But here is few facts. Who are the strongest bench pressers? Well powerlifters. And when the last time you have seen powerlifter flaring they elbows? No you never did, because they always tuck they elbows in. So here what you need to know as a beginner: if you let bar go to your throat, it will automatically going to flare your elbows, and will put a lot of stress on your shoulders and elbows. If you let bar go too low, you will lose control of the weight completely. So for the best results aim for the bar to land in the line with your nipples. This will help you with: Keeping your elbows in, To build tension on the way down, Explode on the way up. And always use full range of motion.
  5. And there is the last thing to learn. Avoid locking your elbows on the top of the movement. Stop just short of locking on the top. That will maintain constant tension on your chest, and minimize stress on your elbows. But this is for those who wants to be a bodybuilder, and not powerlifter. Remember powerlifter have they own way of training, which will not be as same as bodybuilding training. But if you want to be strong and big. Well those few tips will make all the difference in your progress on the next chest workout.

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