Ok here is the thing. If you want to compete you can do it. And actually anyone can get on the stage just by paying an entry fee. Yes simple as that. And it doesn’t matter how you look, and that alone opens actually did opened door to anyone, including people who have no business to be on the stage and waste time of the competitors, judges and spectators.

I will outline few things here why you should not compete. I will be very honest and put things simply for everyone to understand. So lets start.


I guess this is the main thing why you should not to compete. If you can’t stick to the diet, why even bother. Then you blame everybody ESPECIALLY JUGES, but not yourself. I understand it’s not easy at all. You becoming emotional, hunger always wins, your relationships are on the verge of breaking, or already went different ways, you act like a zombie, your are always mad, and still few (a lot) to mention. Ladies that’s what you going to experience, well and like I said much more when you on the contest diet.

The guys are much easier to work with. You say to them: starting today, you will eat dirt for breakfast, well I bet he would. But women not so much. But there is another side of this. You learn patience very fast. The truth is, each women is attached to food much more then a male athlete. Few days passes and they looking for alternatives to new food. Guys not that much, they can go months with the same food. So trust me when I say ladies, when you getting ready for the show, the emotions will play a very big role in your dieting process.

Funny few stories with women competitors. There is a huge thing for a peanut butter with ladies. Yes you know it, you can sit and have all bucket of it in one sitting and feel good about it. Like you have won Olympic games of something. Like its amazing accomplishment. But when you on the prep diet and you send out diet with wording like: 1 SPOON OF NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER. Well I find out there is many sizes of spoons. So now I specifically write how many grams of peanut butter you need to eat. Funny right? Well not that much when you have no idea why person doesn’t change. Other story is when person buys peanut butter, measure the spoon for the day of peanut butter, and gives rest to her friend. Well at least that works. But that’s how bad things can get.

The matter of fact, the closer to the show you are, the bigger urges will become. And another fact is, more women start contest diets than finish them. Yes that’s the fact. Women can get really out of control especially before they happy days (not that happy). You just don’t know what could happen in the process, or I should say to expect. But the sad thing is you have clients few weeks away from the show sending you photos of pints of ice cream in they hands, and really messy faces. Always wondering how fast they ate it. They should realize that doesn’t matter how fast you ate it, calories are calories. So you eating fast don’t make it DIET ICE CREAM. But if you don’t have that well happy days.


I have to pick on the bikini girls again. Maybe you don’t know, but if you are attending any of the show you will see that there will be 5 girls in the figure or physique class (even if that many) and then are 30-50 of bikini girls. The reason is simple, it’s a cake walk for most of the girls and let me tell you why.

We all know that weight training, cardio, dieting and some drugs are involved to get on the stage. Let me clear drug part. Its called PED (performance enhancing drugs). The harsh reality is that a lot of so called bikini competitors looks like they prepped on the cocaine and bad plastic surgery. And actually I might not be that far from the truth. They call themselves IFBB athletes, but in reality what that supposed to mean? But sounds cool right? Anyways another harsh reality is that those good looking girls never seen inside the gym. Or if that’s not the case (most likely you will say that) then you had a really bad trainer who actually put the idea in your head to do the show, and how good you look, and I bet he said that you will be overall winner as well (dear God) and to that to add boyfriends and family members saying the same. And I bet its true just after few months of training (yep that’s more like it). And this is way this division has so many girls on the stage, and most of them have no business being on the state.

But that is a kicker. And this is as real as it gets. Now the same girl who have no experience in anything, did that show, got a photo of her ass sticking out, nice tanning color on her, and NOW SHE A TRAINER or even CONTEST PREP COACH. Sounds so unreal but that’s a fact. And who will fallow her you will ask me? Well the girl who might be interested in this and she has no better idea how it really works. What she sees its sparkle and glitter and ass popping all over the picture. And now we have bunch new girls stepping on the stage, while they not supposed to be there. And they are trained by those girls with PRESS PRINT THE SAME TRAINING AND DIET TO ALL. But again who am I to judge. I can’t stop you from wanted to be like that girl.

And now we have snowball effect. And this is why bikini division is so freaking massive. Because most of those girls not supposed to be there at all. But they are. This is why bikini really became a bit boring. What it really does, aggravate real competitors, judges, with that none sense posing and never stopping wiggling, sheesh even thinking about it makes me dizzy. Forget about the show itself.

Just simple advice, look at the level you are and compare to the athlete you ant to look like. If you don’t look like one, do you think there is any reason to be on the stage, or think that you that good? Get a reality check, be honest with yourself. Have honest trainer who will tell you the truth and not only charge you money for, well nothing.


Now I will go deeper and open the flood of what you need to prepare for. Here is why you need to be financially stable, or have who will invest in you. Now this is the hard truth. And if you are the one of those who just started lifting (if even) you not suppose to even considering this. But still going to put this out there.

Lack of Finances actually keeps good athletes away from the stage and that is the sad part, when actually those who have finances but have nothing else, are on the stage competing just because somebody told them they look good.

To be on the stage you need to be in the best condition. And I am not talking about the condition of your body, but the whole package, such as: bikini, tan, hair, nails, shoes, bling, posing trainer, and not talking about personal or online trainer and well some PED’s, you most likely going to use and FOOD. All of that will create BIG, ok HUGE hole in your pocket. So bikini can cost from few hundred to few thousand alone. And you do not want to look average you want to look good, so you will look for a used one (which you will need to adjust) or will go for somewhere 500-800 range. Which I guess will do it for a local show. But that’s only bikini, what about the rest? Did you ever thought about that?

But lets say you think that you can do it on your own. Well, God bless you. And most likely you already missed most of the things and you will look really… not ready on the stage. You thought you will save on bikini by borrowing from someone, traveling on your own in your own car, doing your own hair, make up and the rest. Well I guaranty you that you will see the reality of everything when it will be that time to walk on the stage. You will see, that you are far from being ready. Because you need to do everything and I mean everything on the highest level.


I will sound very and very bad here. I will sound sexist, unfair, and horrid. But what I am going to spill out it’s the truth and I will say it as it is.

Just because you love the idea of stepping on the stage, and you love training, and you love dieting, and all of the above. It doesn’t mean that this sport loves you back. And this is what I mean by saying this.

It doesn’t matter who is your trainer, or how well he know things, if you don’t have right body structure, there is no way in hell anybody can build the body you want, or I should say you need. If you have narrow clavicles, narrow and bony shoulders, thick waist, straight like a stick legs, no calves or high lats, and most importantly no ASS. And most obvious part, you never seen flat chested pro bikini on the stage. It doesn’t matter how many years you will train, but the truth is you will never be the Professional Athlete.

Yes we all know that we can enhance some of the body parts. But still that will not make you the one who will be called Olympia winner. And we need to be honest about that. And as a trainers we can see who will have potential and who will not. And we actually say it what to expect. But the sad part is the girls will go and looks for other trainers. And most likely there will be trainer(s) that will promise all the glory in the world, and will get your money. But I guess sooner or later you will figure things out on your own that there were good people around you to start with.

And I am all for stand for what you believe. I really am. But we are talking about bodies now, bikini bodies. But judges will see different way, the way actually your body is. And I have seen girls walking away from the stage because they think they are much better then they really are. And I have seen many posts, where girls believe that they are so good so blindly that they are bashing judges openly. And go and do the same show again next year (and doing the same thing again and gain, makes no sense)

Remember you need to have foundation to build upon. That how it works in real life. Mother nature can be real pain in the ass sometimes.


Yes you need to have well defined body. That’s a given. But lets take a look at top bikini girls. They have toned but still muscular bodies. Remember that backbone of every division is muscle and symmetry.

Ok you have flat stomach, which will not make you a winner. Now days even housewife’s have flat tummies. If you don’t have well developed body, please stay away from the stage. If you have what it takes, but missing few parts, better work on it first, fix your lacking parts, and then show case your body. There is no need to step on the stage when you are not ready, remember why you doing this.

I always say the same to everybody. If you really want to compete, be ready for it. Show off your body the way it should be. Balanced, cut, sexy, and all of the above. Again remember why you doing this. You are THERE TO WIN. Not to spend money and to be somewhere in the mix. But somewhere there, in the mix. If you are not ready, work for it, and be ready.


Competing isn’t an opportunity to show how much weight you lost, or to show your body transformation, or seeing if you can actually do it, or to build confidence or whatever case might be. I really believe the old school way. That you compete to WIN. Simple as that.

In reality you should be IN IT TO WIN IT. Yes I love this saying. It’s from the TV show. But I thought it fits here perfectly. Or you should not do it at all. I will repeat myself again, by saying, that you will take time from real competitors, judges. And what for? It’s so not cool to see girls with no tan, skinny, or well fat, cant pose if they life depended on it, and with all things mentioned will have no STAGE PRESENTS. I bet you know this saying.

What many don’t understand is that it’s not the competition itself that defines the competitor, it’s the prep. As simple as competition prep may sound, dieting off almost all your body fat while retaining as much muscle as possible is perhaps the hardest thing anyone will ever do in their lives.

It’s that hard.

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