Biggest Ab Training Mistakes

It’s so easy to train your abs wrong. Because there is so much wrong information about how to get that six pack. You know yourself there is millions of videos out there sowing how to train abs. There is thousands of books written just about that magic solution how to...

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You Look Exactly How You Lift

Learn What Are The Basics Always strive to master the basics. Doesn’t matter if its bench press, or squats, or dead lifts. Do not spend time on watching YouTube and then hitting the gym to impress girls with some idiotic routine. Which will not get you anywhere, but...

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Guide To A Better Bench Press

I will be right to if i would say that most of us know the biggest moves to get strong. Which is bench press, squats and deadlifts. But it doesn't matter how many times i asked people about those moves, chest press always was first on the list and squats and deadlift...

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Intensity to Build Muscle

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to hypertrophy (muscle growth) is that the only factor in building bigger muscles is lifting heavier weights, and that one automatically leads to the other. This myth has been around for who knows how log in bodybuilding and fitness industries, as well as by bodybuilders themselves

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