Learn What Are The Basics

Always strive to master the basics. Doesn’t matter if its bench press, or squats, or dead lifts. Do not spend time on watching YouTube and then hitting the gym to impress girls with some idiotic routine. Which will not get you anywhere, but will make you look like an idiot.

Do you really think if you loaded up leg press machine and start pressing half assed reps it will make you look good? Trust me it will not. You will look more like a fool who is looking like is going to crap they pants.

Learn to lift correctly. Learn how to squat deep, push barbell with your ass on the bench, and dead lift double your weight properly. Trust me nobody interested in clownish PRO like routines, when you really have no idea why you doing it. Because most people will see that this is not you who came up with those routines and lifts.

Fix Your Eating Habits

Here is a thing. Week has 7 days, which is 168 hours. If you going to the gym five times per week that leaves you with 163 hours to make sure that you do whatever it takes to fix your eating habits. Kind of simple right? Well not that fast.

Most of the people I know who is in the gym, most likely don’t know how to cook. So learn how to use knife, do search what grill or slow cooker is, and what they do. And most importantly you need to learn where nearest shop is located. Put it into GPS. Ok jokes aside. You need to learn what foods to buy. This as much important as next magical training protocol you want to learn. But it’s actually more important, that anything else. Food makes you look the way you want to look.

Nothing really matters, not magic protocol, no busting your behind in the gym, none of that. If you don’t have your food in order, you can build 10 China walls, but the results will be the same.

And you were thinking that I will forget to mention cardio. Well I did not. Stop doing crazy amounts of cardio, which will get you nowhere as well. It doesn’t matter how many hours of cardio you going to implement into your gym activity. But that will be just waste of time. If somebody telling you that they spending 4 hours in the gym, and they still dong look good, why in the world you want to listen to them?

Finish What You Started

Ok this is something what lots of gym goers forget to do. That they need to finish what they started. That means, if you got workout program from somebody, or some YouTube video or whatever case might be at this point. You quit after few weeks, and never finish it. Most of the programs last 6 to 8 weeks and longer. But for most people it becomes it becomes a chore. And they looking for a new program not even finishing the one they started.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you started and you don’t like it. Or you do not see the results. But how you going to know if this program really works, if you quit just after few weeks? FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED. Or it will become a habit, where it doesn’t matter what program you going to use, you will never know if it worked or not, just because you never finished what you started. Follow program to the end. Remember its only 6 to 8 weeks and then you can make a decision if it worked or not.

The easiest way to fallow the program is to print it or put it into your notebook and have it with you all the time. That way you always going to know what day it is, and what body part you need to go, and what exercises.

Don’t Forget To Actually Workout

Think of the gym time, like it’s your work. You want to get in and get out, as fast as possible. Have an alarm clock if you want. But don’t waste your time by doing nothing. And by doing nothing I mean: warming up for half an hour, or activating your muscle (it’s a trend now, I can tell), doing first cardio, or rolling on the foam (like it really helps), or doing some dynamic mobility stuff, or best one, laying on the balls and making crazy faces.

Make a rule for yourself. This is an hour and I am going to kick my own ass, and then go home. But if you think that you do need to do all those things before you start your workout. Well most likely that hour will end in whatever that is you do, but not working out. Because by the time you finish circus training, it will be time to go home.

Remember you want to work out. You want to become an athlete, or just a person with awesome physique. This is why we pay for a gym membership, aren’t we? Stop wasting your own time.

Understand Definition Of Rest Period

No it’s not selfie time, or fix my makeup, or adjust things to look fabulous, or watch world news, or movie, or music video, or text for next half an hour, or keep machine warm for yourself and fish for a nice ass to look at. Ok I will stop here. But you get the point. This is not a day dream about all those things time. Its time where you catch the breath, stretch or do your mobility work.


But if you so bored in between your sets, here is activity for you to do:

  • Wipe off benches
  • Put away weights
  • Don’t scream for no reason, well maybe you are literally on fire, but otherwise do not scream
  • If you wearing a tank top, make sure you fit in it. Otherwise get a normal t-shirt
  • Don’t ask other members on the other side of the gym if they using machine at other end of the gym.
  • Don’t stand in the front 50kg dumbbells, with your 5kg dumbbells and pretend you are lifting heavy, because you already walked from one end to another with 5kg, so stay where you find them.

You actually might be hired by the gym

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